The Power of Color: Choosing the Right Event Colors

How do I choose my event’s brand colors??!!

I get this question all the time…

Don’t worry I’m not going into a long rant about color theory and the psychology of colors. The FACT is you need a CLEAR idea about what your brand’s goals are. Consider how you want your target audience to FEEL when they think of your brand. Also remember that, along with your tone of voice, font choice and brand values, your brand colors help people understand who you are and what you stand for.

If you desire, you can read more about color meanings to find out which colors elicit certain emotions. The biggest take away I want you to have however are 5 TIPS to help you when choosing the right colors for your branded event that also compliment your primary brand colors.

1. Start with color inspiration

If you want someone to be excited or energetic, consider bold colors like red, yellow or orange. Or, for a calming effect try pastels, or nature-inspired blues and greens. I love to use Pinterest or websites like to find inspiration and great color combinations.

2. Think about your target audience

Your brand determines how your business is perceived in the minds of your target audience. Customers may find ways to benefit from your products or services that aren’t what you originally intended, so it’s important to keep an open mind when thinking about your audience.

3. Choose at least three colors

Pick a small number of colors, maybe 3 or 5, and work with shades of those colors to keep things focused. You need two primary colors and an accent color that contrasts with the first two. Will your look be dark or light? Colorful or Monochromatic?

4. Differentiate your brand from competitors

The goal is to always stand out! You need to decide whether you want to tap into your industry’s brand trends, or break the mold with something truly unique and your outside industry standards.

5. Test out your brand color palette

Once you’ve picked your brand colors make sure you experiment with at least three options to ensure you find a powerful color palette that is most relevant to your brand. It’s a good idea to check in regularly with a brand audit every six months or every year.



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